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Dropshipping Suppliers in USA

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I have a plan to start dropshipping. My target market is the US, so it is better to get help from Dropshipping suppliers in the USA. What would you recommend? Any tips, reference, and ideas, please.



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When you target USA market you have a few good options. You can list the items in,

-Aliexpress suppliers with China warehouse(Select ships from USA when placing the order)

-Amazon (Use Amazon prime. Fast delivery get good feedbacks)

-Wallmart (Keep I on stocks.)

But when you list items in Amazon and Walmart, eBay gets to know about that from the complaints from customers(Amazon prime logo is on the box). eBay will ignore it if you have around 1-year selling history without issues. Otherwise, they will suspend the account. 

My advice is if you're new to dropshipping and have a brand-new eBay account, do dropship with aliexpress for around selling 50 items and use Amazon, Walmart etc USA sites.